Malinovskiy, Roman Vatslavovich

   One of the Okhrana’s greatest successes was placing their agent Roman Malinovskiy, code name “Portnoi” (Tailor), in the center of the Bolshevik Party. Malinovskiy was highly regarded within the party and was elected to the Russian Duma. Deeply respected by Vladimir Lenin, who repeatedly sent him on confidential missions inside and outside Russia, Malinovskiy served as the party’s contact with major financial donors. Control of Malinovskiy allowed the Okhrana to monitor the party.
   Lenin defended Malinovskiy as a loyal comrade and close personal friend even after evidence appeared in the European press and the tsarist archives of his treachery. When Malinovskiy returned to Russia in 1918, he was arrested, immediately tried, found guilty, and shot the evening of his trial, one year to the day after the Bolshevik Revolution had brought his former comrades to power.

Historical dictionary of Russian and Soviet Intelligence. . 2014.

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